Daria Ivashchenko

Daria Ivashchenko, a young Ukrainian artist, has managed to adopt the best from different artistic directions: from the Dutch still-life to Pop-up portraits. The author’s works are represented in private collections in different parts of the world, in particular in: Ukraine, England, Switzerland, Spain, Austria. The artworks of the artist takes part in group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
The artist has her own author’s style, which fascinates at the first sight, although she often experiments with directions in the search for new discoveries. Ivashchenko uses in her work silver and gold leaf, which allows to create an airspace effect and capture the smallest changes of it throughout the day. Gold and silver backgrounds play contrasts under different lighting and reflect the fluidity of time.
The artist’s works are dominated by animalistic themes. All the inspiration from observing nature and the surrounding world is transferred by the author to the canvad, skilfully drawing out every detail. Daria Ivashchenko’s works bring aesthetic pleasure at the same time showing to the insecurity of nature, its innocence, the need to preserve flora and fauna. Light background is in harmony with the bright images of animals, birds, dwellers of the underwater world. Each painting is filled with light and grace, and colors intertwine, emphasizing the vibrancy of the fauna. At the same time, images are imbued with the spirit of freedom, free existence, untamed and dangerous beauty. The canvases harmonize with each other and confirm the definition of aesthetics, fragility and transfuse.